Detroit Milano




In the era of digital revolution, the geography of individual stories draws the lines which blend cultures, lifestyles and different rhythms. Yaya’s geography unravels on three essential cardinal points: Benin, where the roots of his African blood come from, Torino and Ibiza, places of training and achievements.

Within Yaya’s electronic work, the echoes of his aphrodisiac background, of a clearly tribal African nature, mix with the sunny Balearic rhythms of new house, deepened through several summers in Ibiza.

Yaya grew up in Torino, in the resonant Babylon which was his home, where the rhythms of his father’s drums, singer and leading voice of the renowned group M’bamina, ensemble lining up Italian musicians coming from Zaire, Cameroon and Benin, prophesied a multi-ethnic Italy. With rhythm in his blood, Yaya approaches the sound turmoil which is setting the kinetic nights of Torino’s underground on fire and falls in love with electronic music. Like a child lost in the minimal wave overcoming the techno house scores, Yaya spent his summers in the mid 2000s within Ibiza’s electronic ferment. On the white Island his vivacity lead him to play at several afterhours and his musical assertiveness, reflecting his heterogeneous origins, allowed him to be noticed by the enterpreneurs of the white island’s big electronic circus.